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#376:eric submitted 4/30/17 8:16pm from Grand Rapids, mi my last comment was #270. #272:stuart submitted 7/1/15 9:07am from London great blog, just been diagnosed with hip (cam) impingement and very interesting and detailed piece, very helpful. #258:clare submitted 4/9/15 2:36am from Yorkshire uk thanks for this blog. #177:stacey submitted 5/1/14 5:16pm from Missouri i had fai surgery the beginning of January - had my bone shaved down as well as the labrum repaired. #36:LL submitted 11/22/12 11:40pm from Finland 1st day after surgery of right hip. #347:arry submitted 10/25/16 8:26am from England This is a really good blog, thanks for sharing Allen and thanks for everyone's comments and experiences. #377:mirela submitted 5/1/17 12:27pm from nyc i had fai and labral tear repair surgery mid February 2017. #103:EK submitted 8/13/13 2:56pm from Finland Are you here, ll!? #352:sam submitted 11/27/16 9:19am from Pennsylvania hello all. #354:ellen submitted 12/20/16 2:25pm from Boston harde I had surgery one week ago to repair my torn labrum and shave down my pincer improvement.

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#274:gina submitted 7/5/15 12:34pm from Dallas hi kellie! #315:oliver submitted 3/1/16 11:26am from Tirol / Austria hello Allen, thank's a lot for your site, it has inspired me to start my own blog (in german i am one week past the surgery and your timeline is very helpful, especially for an impatient person. #366:lee gal submitted 2/28/17 1:14pm from Portland, or thank voor you so much for this site. #20:pshock submitted 8/15/12 7:23pm from Michigan HI! #291:ian submitted 9/22/15 5:56am from south Africa i am currently 17 weeks post. #210:gareth submitted 9/15/14 12:07pm from uk hiya, thank you so much for this. #349:pedro salomao submitted 11/12/16 7:22am from scottsdale, az allen, Thank you for sharing! #192:jan submitted 6/28/14 1:07am from nevada i am almost four weeks post op and your blog has been very helpful. #44:melissa s submitted 1/8/13 5:23pm from Ohio allen, thank you for putting your recovery out there for others to see and be encouraged. #38:nyc mid 30S submitted 12/7/12 1:20pm from nyc great blog and much appreciated.

for the same issues in november. #353:runnergirl_98 submitted 11/30/16 1:21pm from mn i've been waiting and waiting for my insurance company to approve the surgery, anyone have any difficulties with their insurance coverage? # Datum Wedstrijd Uitslag Competitie. #230:abby marie submitted 11/14/14 8:56pm from Tennessee you are such a trooper! #339:LR submitted 8/6/16 4:45am from nyc hi all- i am now 5 months post op from my fai surgery. #229:TK submitted 11/9/14 7:30pm from Nebraska 5 days out of left hip fia, went to the gym for upper body today, taking tylonal 3xs a day, on crutches on doctors orders to grow cartridge with a pain level of 3-4, can't wait for PT! #297:brian f submitted 9/26/15 11:14am from eau claire, wi hi there! #394:heather submitted 12/19/17 7:51pm from Michigan i am due for fai with torn labrum surgery in Feb 2018. #289:ali t submitted 9/10/15 6:30am from london hi i had surgery 9 months ago. #322:dinesh submitted 3/12/16 5:24pm from new jersey usa had issues bending down on right side while playing tennis 5 years ago. #106:barb submitted 8/27/13 2:23pm from Pennsylvania this blog is beyond valuable!

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#374:becky submitted 4/4/17 9:55am from Washington thank you! #335:lisa submitted 5/23/16 11:51am from Atlanta Thanks so much for this information! #3:steve submitted 3/22/12 7:53pm from ca us this site is the only realistic recovery fai site on the net. #162:kmvd submitted 3/25/14 afvallen 7:26am from Los Angeles, ca first I want to say great blog and thanks for sharing your story. #49:liz vdk submitted 2/18/13 8:28am from Toronto, ontario, canada i am 6 days post arthroscopic hip surgery and so far so good. #368:mlooney submitted 3/7/17 4:06pm from Michigan going in next week for surgery. #362:sweetlou submitted 1/9/17 8:26am from Michigan Thank you for all the information. #316:nay submitted 3/1/16 4:44pm from Illinois I loved your blog and had my right hip surgery in March of 2014. #365:svenja zimmermann submitted 2/22/17 10:47pm from San Salvador, El Salvador Thank you also from my side sharing your story. #42:claudia submitted 1/2/13 1:59pm from Philadelphia, pa hi allen - i had written a few months ago after having surgery and now that I'm.5 months in I'm having some doubts about my progress.

#311:paly submitted 1/29/16 4:39pm from Chile i'm 2 weeks post-op. #373:jamie submitted 3/20/17 2:49pm from Dallas I have referred back to this blog so many times over the past.5 months. #309:spmabs submitted 1/14/16 12:21am from Tennessee i'm a 50 year old woman. #47:ann submitted 2/7/13 9:24am from Ireland This is a great site. #363:jamieska submitted 2/10/17 8:04pm from Milford, ct thank you for taking the time (over the course of several years!) to crate this blog. #344:pat submitted 10/3/16 9:13pm from Virginia i had fai open surgery in 2012 and my surgeon said I didn't need. #393:pedro s submitted 12/19/17 6:02pm from Arizona, usa if you are going through a hip surgery, you have to supplement with vitamins, extra vitamin d, extra calcium (citrate is better) and magnesium (glycinate better). #389:pedro s submitted 9/20/17 11:59am from arizona, us here is a good article on how to troubleshoot your pelvic alignment: m/?p226 Thanks Pedro - great food for thought - allen #388:pedro s submitted 9/20/17 12:00pm from az, usa for everyone is different but the main. #246:su guy submitted 2/21/15 2:48pm from Rochester, ny has anyone ever had the surgery performed. #3: Crunches Uitvoering van de oefening: Lig met je rug op de vloer. #356:jptmann submitted 12/20/16 3:01pm from nj great site, love the in depth but succinct look at your recovery.

#195:lucy submitted 7/15/14 9:40pm from nevada Thank you for doing this blog. #338:iris submitted 7/23/16 12:43am from Portland, Oregon I'm 4 weeks post-op with my third fai labreral tear repair. #43:nina submitted 1/8/13 6:22am from Denmark Great site, i've been looking for any information on what to expect from hip surgery, and your site and diary is very informative and comprehensive. #326:cindy s submitted 4/1/16 10:30am from Salt lake city, ut, usa thanks for your blog. #22:proteus submitted 8/29/12 8:17pm from Portland, or wonderfully detailed diary. #397:sweet lou submitted 3/6/18 8:25am from Michigan having an outpatient total hip arthroplasty in March. #211:stacie submitted 9/15/14 2:47pm from Athen, ga christine from Athens, i am in desperate need of surgeon and am hitting all walls. #40:SG submitted 12/20/12 11:56am from nyc i am 2 years out from my fai surgery/labral tear repair on my right hip. #167:justin submitted 4/6/14 2:54pm from las vegas awesome blog I had arthroscopic surgery on my left hip last August 9 2013, i now am recovering from the same surgery for fai on my right hip done April 2 2014. #130:george submitted 1/19/14 4:03pm from Texas Thanks for sharing. #39:LL submitted 12/9/12 9:45am from Finland 2,5 weeks from surgery.

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#10: deadlift Uitvoering van de oefening: Plaats je voeten op heupbreedte tegen de halterstang en pak met je handen de stang goedkope vast. #298:ashley h submitted 9/26/15 7:05pm from San diego hello, i am a 23 year old female runner, who was ranging 90 miles a week prior to my injury. #324:josh - to elizabeth #313 submitted 3/17/16 8:06am from Mansfield, ma elizabeth 313 you're in foxboro? #33:claudia submitted 10/27/12 8:57pm from Philadelphia, pa hi! #381:dan submitted 6/28/17 8:59am from uk firstly, what a fantastic blog. #227:ehhte submitted 10/29/14 4:37pm from Did you go. #358:tiffany submitted 1/4/17 12:04pm from Virginia i am working through rehab right now - 5 months post op - the pt has me on a treadmill now. #156:j stotts submitted 3/10/14 12:52am from henderson nevada i had my hip surgery done august of 2013, left hip. #372:zelda submitted 3/20/17 7:37am from us i refer to this site when it's 12:30am and sleep isn't happening because of all the twitches and pains that prevent. #199:natalie submitted 7/22/14 8:11pm from Ohio daughter is now 3 months 3 wks post.

#125:check it out submitted 1/8/14 4:19pm from New York qB8S5B Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic ally looking forward to read more. #332:LR submitted 4/11/16 6:24am from nyc, ny hi all- like dinesh, i too have a relatively brand new hip brace, that i am happy to sell and send ship to a new owner. #24:worried mom patti submitted 9/9/12 3:25pm from Ontario, canada Allen, your Sx was arthroscopic, while my sons was open, invasive. #104:jupitergirl submitted 8/15/13 11:47pm from florida #97,98,99 from Colorado. #261:kleigh submitted 4/28/15 12:34pm from Virginia "Waiting to ski" and other folks. #371:michael jacobs submitted 3/14/17 6:10pm from fairfax, virginia this site is absolutely awesome. #45:melissa s submitted 1/8/13 5:29pm from Ohio btw i am 39 years old, love to run, used to run marathons before the hip acted up starting over a year ago. #142:charlie submitted 2/20/14 7:53am from Philadelphia i read your blog and happy that your recovery has been great I see. #269:LS submitted 6/25/15 12:24pm from dc i have to say i really appreciate this blog and am now finally in voedingsschema a position to contribute. #396:lisa submitted 1/2/18 3:27pm from Denver, co great blog!

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Zolang je in de gaten houdt dat de stof natuurlijk moet zijn en het water soda moet bevatten, kan er eigenlijk niks mis gaan. Februari-2018 Luc van huijgevoort terug uit dakar ralley bergeijk. Prijzen variëren erg in Kroatië. De hoogste prijzen kun je verwachten in drukke toeristengebieden. Lagere prijzen vind je in kleinere plaatsen aan de kust. Ontdek de mysterieuze wereld van de maya s, de durfal kan duiken in de Great Blue hole of door de jungle dwalen. Boek snel via kras! Vier een zonvakantie op het Caribische eiland van rum, reggae en unieke watervallen. Boek een vakantie, jamaica voordelig bij Kras! #323:dinesh submitted 3/16/16 5:10pm from New Jersey usa has been a week since my voeding surgery as of today. #337:sils submitted 7/22/16 1:17pm from London I'm 4 weeks post my fai and labral tear repair operation, and experiencing numbness in front thigh and ankle.

Nog een paar plekken voor 1-ouder gezinnen van 23 juli tot 13 augustus. Vanaf nu tien procent last minute korting. 1 ste week heeft alle leeftijden kinderen. Welkom bij huisartsenpraktijk de ginkel. Tussen.00 -.00 kunt u bellen om een afspraak te maken. Op deze gezellige camping verhuren wij zeer compleet ingerichte, moderne stacaravans met 2 of 3 slaapkamers en een overdekte houten veranda. De stacaravans zijn naast of bij elkaar gelegen, ideaal dus als u met familie of vrienden op vakantie medicatie gaat en ieder toch een eigen plekje wilt hebben. Welkom op Monte do casarão voor een vakantie in Portugal Alentejo. Rust, ruimte en privacy in luxe vakantiehuizen midden in een overweldigende natuur. Dat valt reuze mee.

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Stel je voor een groot huis in de bergen van geboortejaar Ligurie, op 20 km pijn afstand van een italiaans familiestrand. Grote omheinde tuin met zwembad, sauna, hottub en veel speelruimte voor je kinderen. Deze reis is speciaal voor eenoudergezinnen met kinderen in de leeftijd van 4 t/m 14 jaar. Er is plek voor 10 volwassenen en 12 kinderen. Op 20 km afstand van de italiaanse bloemenriviera en 80 km van Nice ligt in de bergen bij het dorpje carpasio het landgoed Prati piani waarvan de fattoria(boerderij) deze weken tot jullie beschikking staat. Dit landgoed is recent gerenoveerd en erg kindvriendelijk. Het is een huis met veel speelruimte voor je kinderen en een grote omheinde tuin. Er wordt elke dag heerlijk voor je gekookt in restaurant la stalla. Er is een prima zwembad, een hottub, een heerlijke 9-persoons sauna en een aantal speeltoestellen waaronder een grote trampoline. En als je van fietsen in de bergen houdt, er zijn voor de volwassenen prachtige Trek 29 mountainbikes.

Vakantie 23 juli 2016
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Meestal omdat er schoolgaande kinderen zijn. Tijdens de schoolvakanties is er sprake van het hoogseizoen en je wilt niet achter het net vissen. Het nadeel van het vooruit boeken van je vakantie is, dat in de tussentijd je persoonlijke omstandigheden kunnen veranderen. Met als gevolg dat je niet meer op vakantie kunt gaan en je geboekte reis wilt annuleren.

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Home reisverzekeringen een vakantie annuleren, kan dat zomaar? 26 mei, een vakantie annuleren, kan dat zomaar? Een zomervakantie wordt vaak ver van tevoren geboekt. Soms wel een half jaar voor de vertrekdatum.

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