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Read more serum Solare - rejuvenates while you enjoy the sun ikari cosmetics brings, to good custom, a brand online new sun cream which feels so delicate as a serum: the serum solare in spray form. The cream of the crop for sun lovers. Liquid read more feelingCity - scrubs: the anti-aging secret of Dr Karavani "Scrubbing is my ultimate anti-ageing tip for every skin type. I am a big fan of the procedure of removing the top layer of the skin to make sure that the skin renews constantly." read more The well-known dermatologist. Karavani lances a new skin care concept: made to measure! Read more Style tv dr Karavani gives an interview on the dutch channel Style tv about the origin and working of the measurement and ikari cosmetics. An interesting report for anyone who likes to learn more about the science behind cosmetics read more living in style - are you familiar with the best kep beauty secret of the stars? Stars do not take any risks: they follow the expert' advice. But experts are rare and expensive. Therefor Dr Karavani and his team have developed yourSkinType. So that the experts advice is available for everyone. Read more move-on tv 'the skin measurement Why still guessing for the needs of our skin if instruments and knowledge are available to explain our skin's needs. Skin analysis or skin biometrics is real science.

marlebeau hasselt

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Karavani and his brand ikari. In diarree only a few minutes my skin was measured by skin therapist neely giving me a very detailed image of sportschool my skin. During the measurement a lot of explanation was given, which, as a skin obsessed blogger, is very interesting for me! Read more living in Style - exfoliating at home The softer the hand, the better the result! Read more goed gevoel - consultation at ikari skincare has never before been so personalized! Read more weekend Knack visits ikari weekend Knack reporter Sofie albrecht made an appointment with. Karavani to have her skin measured and to test the ikari products. She was pleasantly surprised! Read more Pro Esthetic - customized skin analysis Pro Esthetic, the magazine for beauty Professionals has published an article about ikari read more feeling's website: ikari customized skincare feeling has published an interesting article about us on its website! Read more Flair - does the sun holiday really spoil my skin? Flair magazine took two of its readers to the dermatologist to test the effect of the sun on their skin. Read more tv familie - the beauty secrets from Lesley ann Poppe beauty is important for Lesly Ann Poppe: in this article she reveals her beauty secrets, including ikari!

marlebeau hasselt

gets you a long way according to the dermatologist. Read more The belgian beauty review blogs about ikari ikari shows new insights in our skin and searches for customized solutions since every skin is unique. The marketeer in me forces me to say: very 2012! Customized solutions are what consumers are looking for these days. Thumbs up for. Read more het nieuwsblad Magazine - customized cosmetics The times when you used the same cream as your mother, friend or celebrity are over. The latest trend in skin care is customized and adapted to your skin. Read more It-Girl Blog about ikari i was given the opportunity to have my skin measured and analysed.

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Top quality for an affordable price. Read more fortyStyles beautypanel visits ikari the products cost no more than the average because there is no shop between factory and client. We believe that this can work, each skin its own range of products, it just makes sense! Read more living in Style - ikari pure simplicity life, groeien the man, the cosmetics read more het laatste nieuws Xtra - every skin deserves respect! Having your skin thoroughly measured to be able to apply creams efficiently and specifically work on your problem zones, it sounds logic and it is the core. Read more The belgian beauty review blogs about ikari, part 2: the products Last time bbreview wrote about the skin analysis she received, this time she talks about the ikari cosmetcs she received and how she shoudl best use them according to her personalized care. Read more nina (Het laatste nieuws) Doctor's prescription for your skin Dull and grey skin, wrinkels. It is clear that your skin needs more attention in winter times. Hydrating is one thing but what does the doctor advice to keep looking great? Read more atv - hotspot meets ikari zoë van Gastel from hotspot visits ikara for an extensive skin analysis.

Read more peggy timmermans blogs on ikari's pure 3 scrub i adore this scrub. It smells really nice, a bit spa-like. The srub is rather course which I like. Despite that it does not irritate my skin at all, my skin feels really clean and soft after use. Read more de beiaard: demonstration yst and ikari in Geraardsbergen Fabienne de clercq from piu belli received her certificate as skin Care therapist from the well known researcher. Read more belmodo - tested and approved After testing the ikari products for several months we can say in all honesty: Great stuff! My skin is less oily, softer and more thight than ever. Ikari has defenitely deserved it's place in my bathroom. Read more het nieuwsblad Magazine - party time! Gift from ikari: 3 skin scans customized products for a value of 200 euro read more Sjiek - measure to know Sjiek magazine made an appointment to do the test.

Who knows who we may welcome soon! Read more launch of beautyfood 2 from Lesly Ann Poppe Flander's celebs use ikari en masse That could be seen last tuesday january 22 at the press realease of Lesley-ann's new book: beautyfood ii @ Aquano in Antwerp. The looked fabulous, all of them! Read more demorgen "It is not because our skin is on the surface that it is superficial says. Karavani wo sneers at the cosmetic industry. "That industry deceives.5 billion woman". Read more diplomatic World - the future of Europe The story of a dermatologist who invented new algorithms in the skin analysis and who has linked this knowledge to customized cosmetics, is a clear example of Europe's living knowledge! Read more a pretty beautiful Life blogs about ikari's exfoliating scrub "It's my experience that the particles in scrubcreams are ususally so small that they have no effect on my skin. This one is really nice! It removes dead skin cells very well and makes my skin feel soft and smooth!

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A great product is half the job so i am very happy about the ikari exfoliating scrub. The scent free product has effective little grains which leave gezond your skin silky smooth and glowing. Read more feeling's website: Detoxtips from. Ilan Karavani looking for some good tips tricks for a physical and mental detox? Ilan Karavani, the renommated dermatologist from Antwerp, is himself very concerned about detoxing and wants to stimulate others to sucessfully detox. Read more libelle - such a radiant skin! Karavani: "The greatest enemies for our skin and our cells in general are free radicals. With anti oxidants in our food and in our cosmetics we can succesfully fight ageing". Read more Glam it - 10 on 10 for the products! The products are pleasant to use, simple (only three steps odourless and very efficient! Read more living in Style - the skin, a barrier or a place to meet? Looking after a healthy skin is looking after of a good place to meet. marlebeau hasselt

Read more kalium mademoiselles de mode The most extensive test of ikari's sérum solaire and with a very positive outcome! Read more 50 Lifestyle summer sometimes rhimes with "complexes". This summer you will put an end to all of them. Lifestyle 50 magazine proposes ikari serum solaire read more a pretty beautiful life blogs about ikari sun products The ikari sérum Solaire is real heavenl! Its high spf guarantees a good protection against the sun. Afterwards the skin is immediately soothened by the cure 1 serum, it even helps for my sensitive skin! Read more Thema - only ikari for Host and Model Griet Van hees "I don't use make-up when i am not working, just good skin care products from ikari" read more Snow White Glamour Blog - sun Products This was my first acquaintance with ikari. I have used the products a few times and I can say that they have immediate effect! I am also a fan of the practical flask! Read more Crystaliciousss - march favorites: ikari scrub I really have to make an effort to exfoliate more.

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Libelle advices ikari's cure 2 as a first Aid for Sun troubles. Read more, goed gevoel - beste 7 tips for a healthy summer skin. Cure 2, serum based on vitamine a, vitamine b and fruit acid which renews the skin's surface without irritating. Leen loves Style - solar Protection. Ikari sérum Solaire: new on my shelf since several weeks and I can't miss it already! Read more, thema - ikari's Sérum Solaire, thema covers ikari's Sérum Solaire, the comments are very positive! Beauty Treasures blog about Sérum Solaire. Two products that are really different from all the others: a sun cram which includes skin care elements. Read more Crystaliciouss - sun? Extreme light fluid with transparant finish, almost odorless which contains vegetable stem cells and anti-oxidants which neutralize the effects of the sun.

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The difference with other cosmetic lines: ikari analyses your skin first. Read more, do you doubt which cream sporten is best for your skin? Have your skin profesionally analysed! Read more, a fresh and radiant look: 5 tips from Dr Karavani. Read more, tv familie - lesley ann Poppe. Ikari's scrub removes all dead skin cells of my face making it look smoother and younger. Read more, tv familie - eveline hoste, i use ikari's pure to clean my face thoroughly morning and night. Feeling - crème de la crème of Belgian beauty. Feeling presents top brands of Begian making which easily meet the competitors standards abroad. Read more, gael notariskosten - personalised Program, besides being a brand, ikari is above all, a methode to differentiate over 300.000 different skin types. Libelle - first Aid for sunbathers.

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Home, news, for each news item we provide a short translation in English. The original article remains untranslated. Movies and pictures speak for themselves of course! On my bedside table, on my bedside table: ikari cosmetics Filling relaxing Serum: Valerie, a journalist, blogger, fashion and life lover from Antwerp blogs about her weekend in Luxenburg. Belmondo - i discovered the benefits of a chemical peeling. Read more, astrid Bryan loves ikari cosmetics, astrid byran loves ikari serum Solaire! Read all about het daily use of ikari cosmetics on her blog "the blonde and the brunette". Read more, a stressed skin has longtime been diagnosed incorrectly as a sensitive skin and therefor did not receive the treatment it needed, explains dr Karavani. Read more, customized skincare moreno is the upcoming trend in the beauty industry: skin is measured and personalized cosmetics are the future. Read more, weekend Knack - a better skin with ikari.

Marlebeau hasselt
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marlebeau hasselt Nelobuq, Thu, May, 10, 2018

Nee, we werken aan een concept. Jouw huid eerst grondig analyseren samen een behandelplan opstellen dat aan jouw noden voldoet de nodige ondersteuning en begeleiding bieden voor een langdurig resultaat. Straal een natuurlijke schoonheid en meer zelfvertrouwen uit! Permanente make-up al 20 jaar op topniveau!

marlebeau hasselt Omedatyx, Thu, May, 10, 2018

Hierdoor zijn we op de hoogte van de laatste nieuwigheden. We werken enkel met wetenschappelijk bewezen producten en toestellen wat ons gegarandeerd een mooi resultaat opbrengt. Bij Marlebeau gaat het niet enkel om een verzorging.

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Ik koos er natuurlijk voor om mijn hart te volgen en zo is Mar le beau: Centrum voor huidverbetering geboren. Rimpelloos door het leven gaan bestaat niet, maar we kunnen wel op een mooie en gezonde manier ouder worden. Wat is er nu zo anders in mijn centrum of waarom zou u naar hier moeten komen? ikzelf en mijn meisjes worden constant getraind.

marlebeau hasselt Cinan, Thu, May, 10, 2018

Overslaan en naar de algemene inhoud gaan. De beautysector is de laatste jaren enorm gegroeid. Ook wij als instituut ondergingen een ware transformatie. Wat begon als een wellness en beauty corner werd al snel the place 2 be voor resultaatgerichte behandelingen. Hoe meer de wetenschap ontdekte op het gebied van de huid, rimpels aanpakken, liften en verstevigen hoe meer mijn passie voor het vak groeide.

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